Silverback VSOG is a Sherry Cask-Finished Expression

We’ve taken our award-winning Old Tom Gin and aged it in ex Olorosso sherry casks. This prosess has created a rich and spicy aged gin. Every step of the process leading up to the release of Silverback VSOG has been a labour of love, from selecting the individual Sherry Cask to precisely judging the amount of ageing required.

The concept of ageing gin in casks dates back to the 18th and 19th Centuries when spirits were transported in barrels – but it’s unfamiliar to many people. We would argue that a good cask-aged gin is even more interesting than whisky. Silverback VSOG (Very Special Oaked Gin) has the wonderfully complex high notes of gin married with the depth of flavour brought about by the cask; silky spice, a hint of vanilla, dried fruit and a sweet smokiness.  It’s a perfect after dinner digestif or can be used for a riff on a classic cocktail such as a Martinez or an Old Fashioned.

Silverback VSOG is sold in individually numbered 50cl bottles which are beautifully adorned with highly figured metal labels.


Please note – Silverback VSOG is lightly filtered and may contain natural sediment.


Alcohol Content

43% ABV



Age Restriction

You must be 18 years or older to purchase this product.


Coriander Seed
Angelica Root
Sweet Orange
Calamus Root
Acacia Blossom
Invert Sugar Syrup
Ex-Sherry Cask Oak Chips
Ethanol (NGS made from 100% British Wheat)


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