Karisimbi White Rum is made with a unique blend of pot still & molasses based rums from well-known Jamaican distilleries, alongside column still, cane juice rum from the Dominican Republic.

Tasting notes: Pineapple, overripe banana and stone fruit.

We found everything we do on the principles of social responsibility, sustainability and conservation. This bottle is made from 100% consumer recycled glass and, through our donations to The Gorilla Organization, each bottle you buy helps protect and conserve the endangered Mountain Gorilla population.


Perfect serve

Shake up in a classic Daquiri, or enjoy in a refreshing mojito.


We’re saving Gorillas, one drink at a time!

We proudly donate £1 from every bottle sold to The Gorilla Organisation to help fund the conservation of endangered Mountain Gorillas.


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Alcohol Content

40% ABV



Age Restrictions

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