The Countryside Gin


A classic London Dry Gin handcrafted in Hampshire and designed to help raise much needed funds for CPRE Hampshire, the countryside charity.

50% of our hedgerows have been removed since the Second World War. CPRE Hampshire are campaigning for hedges to be restored across the county, creating a safe habitat for hedgehogs, and many other creatures which have been threatened by their removal. Find out more here. 

Overall, CPRE Hampshire is working for a beautiful and thriving Hampshire countryside that all of us can enjoy for generations to come.

In Hampshire we are fortunate to have a stunning range of landscapes, habitats, historic features, villages and small towns. With two National Parks, threes Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, chalk streams of international renown, areas designated for nature conservation and stretches of protected coastline, we have a lot to be proud of.

Today, Hampshire faces many challenges including population growth, climate change, pressures to grow the economy and to build more houses. In planning for the future, we must ensure our countryside, and its valuable resources, are properly considered and managed. This will help to maintain a thriving natural environment for generations to come.

CPRE Hampshire is a charity led by Hampshire-based volunteers, using local and expert knowledge to get our message across.  


What CPRE Hampshire does

  • Influences planning policy and local plans in Hampshire.
  • Champions the right kind of development, in the right place.
  • Empowers Hampshire communities to take action and protect their local environment.
  • Connects people from across Hampshire with each other and the countryside.
  • Champions the role of the countryside in tackling climate change.
  • Promotes rural life to ensure the countryside and communities can thrive.


CPRE Hampshire is delighted to be working with local company Gorilla Spirits on a fabulous blend of gin that will not only raise money for the charity, but help in raising awareness of the work they do.

For further information on the work of CPRE Hampshire, visit

Alcohol Content

40% ABV



Age Restriction

You must be 18 years or older to purchase this product.


Coriander Seed
Angelica Root
Sweet Orange
Bitter Orange
Liquorice Root
Ethanol (NGS made from 100% British Wheat)


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