Our Single Estate Red Bourbon Arabica coffee is sourced from Maraba, the coffee growing district of Rwanda. This makes an incredibly rich, smooth liqueur which is full of buttery chocolate notes.

The coffee beans are sourced from independent small growers to make our Maraba Coffee Liqueur. These farmers are paid more for their coffee than a Fair Trade Grower. This helps the rural agricultural economy of Rwanda, which in turn helps protect gorilla habitat.

The beans are roasted and ground for us by our local coffee roasting experts Moonroast Coffee. We then cold brew our coffee with alcohol for 72 hours to gently extract all the wonderful flavours, from light floral to deep chocolate, before turning it into the finished product – our Maraba Coffee Liqueur.

Everything we do is founded on the principles of social responsibility, sustainability and conservation. This bottle is made from 100%  consumer recycled glass and, through our donation to The Gorilla Organization, each bottle you buy helps protect and conserve the endangered Mountain Gorilla population.

Perfect serve

Serve over ice, or over ice cream as our take on an Affogato. Alternatively, try it mixed with our Blackback Vodka for our signature Espresso Martini – the nation’s favourite!


We’re saving Gorillas, one drink at a time!

We proudly donate from every bottle sold to The Gorilla Organisation to help fund the conservation of endangered Mountain Gorillas.

Alcohol Content

25% ABV



Age Restriction

You must be 18 years or older to purchase this product.


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